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Don’t take our word for it…


Every family that walks through our doors depends on us to provide a great experience for the entire family. We do our best to meet and exceed their high standards. Here’s a sampling of what some of our awesome customers have said about our efforts:

“This is by far the BEST gymnastics facilities in Denton County. My oldest daughter was on the developmental team at another popular gymnastics facility in Flower Mound and she got to the point where she hated gymnastics. She started up again last June and has found her love of the sport again. She is on the developmental team at Best and it is far superior to where she had been for 4 years before. The coaches are wonderful and safety is their #1 priority. I’m excited to see my daughter progressing so quickly and loving the sport again. My youngest is in their Kids program and again, hands down superior to where we were going before. The kids love it and are learning gymnastics while having fun at a safe facility. If you are a mom looking for gymnastics for your children including mommy and me classes, look no further than Best Gymnastics. They are THE BEST!”

“My daughter has taken classes at Best Gymnastics for over a year now and she absolutely loves it! I think it is wonderful because not only does she have a lot of fun, but she learns a lot (and receives a grade card after ever class so I know exactly what skills she is learning as well).  I appreciate their enthusiasm and energy.  It is comforting to know that safety comes first and that they really enjoy teaching and care that my child is enjoying learning while advancing her skills.  There are a multitude of days and times available which made it very easy to fit into our schedule.  Of all the other gyms and gymnastics/tumbling programs we have tried in the area, this one definitely surpasses them all in excellence!”

“Our daughters have been at Best Gymnastics for about 6 months now. They are doing very well with coaches who provide a good mix of encouragement and pushing them to improve. Special thanks to the many people who make our family feel welcome … Josh, Ginger, Samantha, Brad, Cindy, and countless others.”

“My wife and I checked EVERY gymnastics center in the Denton/Flower Mound/Lewisville area, and decided to go with Best Gymnastics. Unlike some other Gyms, the staff there is so enthusiastic about what they are doing, and they give a lot of personal attention to every student. Both Josh and Ginger are really full of positive energy, and the kids pick up on it right away. My wife was impressed with the overall cleanliness of the gym (they are just about brand new) and the way that it is set up so that the kids can easily rotate from area to area. They even host birthday parties there for kids during off hours.”

“Thank you for giving Kara a great foundation. You helped her develop a strong work ethic, and a love for the sport. You provided a safe environment, focused on keeping her injury free. You have a strong emphasis on proper technique. You love Kara as if she is your own. You taught her to encourage her team mates. You helped her develop her leadership skills. Gymnastics has given her such a high level of confidence. Our Family has had many proud moments during her career (for example -Kara winning Level 7 Texas State Championships on Beam and Floor under your Coaching watch) -culminating in her captaining her team to winning the 2011 Texas State High School Gymnastics Championship. All of them are a tribute to your investment into her life. The words “Thank You” are so inadequate to express our gratitude for pouring your life into Kara.”

“They took my daughter from a mediocre level 4 to STATE OF TEXAS Level 6 Beam Champion in just 2 years. My daughter and her 2 teammates placed First, Second, and Third all-around at North State that year. My daughter has literally boxes full of medals, mostly gold and a few silvers while Cindy and Brad coached her up into a powerful Level 7 / Level 8 competitor. She has gold medals from around the country as well as all over Texas. Speaking as a seasoned “Gym Mom”, I would rather have had my daughter involved in something so healthy, disciplined, and goal-oriented throughout those years than sitting on the couch playing video games, watching TV, or texting on the phone. The discipline and focus she learned in the gym also showed up in her grades at school…Straight As the whole time Cindy and Brad were coaching her. And if your child is not interested in pursuing competitive gymnastics, the sport gives them much better all around fitness, including strength, cardio, and stretching which is beneficial for any other sport or just a healthy lifestyle. I watched many toddlers improve their gross motor skills, complete with lots of giggles, in a very short time.”

“This gym is top notch. My daughter was at a different gym for two years and was taught skills incorrectly. Since she has been with BEST gymnastics, her form, technique, and skill level has improved drastically. The ability of the coaches to recognize where she needed help and focus their efforts and in-turn my daughter’s effort to re-learn the basics, her tumbling has become impressive. There is no limit to what these coaches can do with kids of all levels. I’m happy to be a proud BEST Gymnastics parent.”

“You will absolutely love this gym! Both my daughter and son attend classes at this gym. My daughter’s skills are vastly improved and she has gone from competing level 5 division 5 last year to just shy of level 5 division 1 this year. My son, who is special needs, also love Best. They have given him self confidence, balance, coordination, and a love for the trampoline that he has never had. (Even after paying thousands of dollars for physical therapy.) The owners and coaches are extremely knowledgeable and have a great deal of patience and caring for all of the children. Flower Mound has needed a gym with people like them and now we finally have one.”

“I could not of asked for a more professional, kind, and classy group of owners and coaches for my daughter…after three years at a prior gym and starting with Best Gymnastics in June of 2011 my daughter has excelled beyond both of our expectations. They are incredibly nice and always smiling. They have boosted my daughter’s confidence which is why she has placed in every meet this season. The communication between us the parents and my daughter are always clear and on time and the entire staff is highly organized for being such a large gym. I have and will continue to refer all my friends to this gym…We are one BIG family there!”

“Best Gymnastics truly is the BEST! The coaches at Best are not only molding great gymnasts, they are changing lives. They are able to work with all personalities and encourage and push them to achieve their level of success. They have accomplished more with my daughter, who is on the gymnastics team in less than 12 months then our old gym tried to teach her in two years. They have taken girls with great potential and little technique to become top placers in competition. They don’t just take the best natural talents, they teach the skills for all the girls to have success to their highest ability. They encourage discipline and hard work and yet are loved by their girls and are very appreciated by the parents. With over 22 years of experience in coaching with gymnastics, the gymnastics team coaches have proved they know how to coach. As a competitive athlete my entire life and as a parent, there are no two better coaches that I would want my child to experience her own personal journey with. With a son also in the gym classes, I speak highly for the amazing support staff with their endless energy for coaching and a dedication and love to the sport.”

“Best Gymnastics was long overdue for the Flower Mound area! My daughter spent a year on team at another local gym with very disappointing progress. She has been on the BEST team for less than a year and I am absolutely AMAZED at how far she has come in such a short period of time. The coaches have years of experience and you can tell by watching the progress of our team! They truly care about the girls and their goal is to create confident gymnasts that will excel and SOAR! I am so pleased with this gym and have recommended it to several friends. Every one of the coaches are awesome!”

“Love this place! Did my son’s 6th birthday party here and it was so great we are now in weekly gymnastics classes”

“Great instructors. They have worked very well with my 3 yr old daughter. She just loves her class and all the coaches she’s had.”

“I could not be more pleased with the skill and integrity of the coaches at Best Gymnastics. My daughter, with no prior Gymnastic experience, joined the team last March, and was able to compete and place very well in her very first meet as a level 5 gymnast. I owe that to the coaches concern and dedication to her and all of their students. The gym is clean and very open in design, and it makes for a very welcome environment to come and watch your gymnast. I have been so impressed with each and every staff member and their obvious love for working with children from the smallest to the tallest. I would recommend this gym to anyone with kids.”

“This is the gym I’ve been looking for! My daughter started gymnastics at another local gym and was there for 2 unhappy years before we found Best Gymnastics. Best Gymnastics has changed my daughter’s entire attitude toward the sport. She looks forward to going to practice and loves her coaches and teammates. The coaches/owners at Best Gymnastics truly love their job. They are not only incredibly skilled at what they do, but they are also totally devoted to the overall well-being of the gymnast. This is by far the BEST gym and I am so happy to be a part of it.”

“Thanks for making Best Gymnastics a great place for my daughter to follow her passion. It is amazing to watch your coaches both teach and keep it fun. When my daughter started going a year ago, I could never have imagined how much she would progress and how dedicated she would become.”

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