Each day, there will be space to discuss and learn about the medicines, spiritual healing, and creating a life of health. This is a space for you to learn to align your body, breath, mind, and energy based on wisdom traditions from around the world and science-backed methods. We will also engage in purification rituals such as flower baths and a fire ceremony to facilitate release.

Clarity Breathwork

Breathwork is a gentle yet powerful process to clear old patterns, conditioning, and emotions so that you can open into greater levels of consciousness and love. Most of us don’t breathe fully - since birth when the chord was cut too soon, we have been holding our breath, especially during times of stress. We are able to clear trauma and emotional debris by breathing through emotions so that we can connect more deeply with our essence. Breathwork during this retreat is specifically designed for integration: it brings messages and insights from the subconscious into your awareness in union with the medicines. Paige will lead you through three group Clarity Breathwork sessions, one of which will take place in the water.

integration circles

Integration and bringing the ceremony into life is an opportunity to release and process our individual work. A level of integration involves speaking about our experiences - oftentimes, when we allow words to flow through us, we come to profound realizations and clearer perspectives. Courtney Jeffery (Registered Psychotherapist, Ecotherapist, and Holistic Yoga Therapist) will also be providing group and optional individual support. Her approach, Art of Awareness Therapy, bridges yogic and Ayurvedic psychology, body-centered and talk therapy, and practices for processing chronic and acute physical and emotional health challenges.


Finding stillness allows us to rejuvenate and practice the art of focus, which trains us for ceremony. When we can attain silence in our minds, we calm triggers that cause chemical reactions and manifest in our bodies. We will gather together each day for group healing meditations concentrating on relaxation and centering. We will utilize a variety of techniques such as guided visualization, mindfulness, conscious movement, and mantras.


Led by Courtney Jeffery, our two yoga sessions will incorporate breath, meditation, and gentle movement to help smooth our energy and ease our hearts, to foster a feeling of presence, and to support the integration process. Drawing from evidence-based practices, Ayurvedic Yoga theory, and Courtney’s passion for nature-connection, this yoga is specifically designed for people with Lyme disease to activate the vagus nerve and balance the nervous system. Courtney has over 20 years of experience teaching yoga and leading Yoga Teacher Trainings encompassing Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy and psychology. Courtney's approach is trauma-informed with medical- and individual-focus. These practices are designed to deepen and enhance your experience, as well as provide you with tools you can integrate into your lives upon returning home. Courtney's ongoing work as a Psychotherapist, Birth and Death Doula, and Yoga therapist throughout Canada, USA, India and Bali have shown her that each person has vast inner resources of which one is often unaware. Her work aims to support people in connecting with these parts of themselves.


Movement is a practice to free energy and express whatever emotions may be arising. It is also a way for us to come home in our bodies and allow ourselves to be fully seen. We will have the space to move through light dance and exercises to witness what is coming up within us and embody our transformation.

Rest & Renewal

Our retreat home offers plenty of space for rest, rejuvenation, and renewal. Our schedule is designed for both group and personal processing time. Allow your body and mind to heal in Costa Rica's peaceful jungle, floating in our infinity pool, or strolling down the road to the beach.

conscious community

This retreat was birthed from the vision to unite women with chronic illness who are ready to move beyond an identity of "dis-ease." Seeing the wholeness in each other is a beautiful reminder to recognize that within ourselves. This is an important opportunity to honor the past while giving each other the support to move forward into health. We will unite and connect in person, sharing sacred ceremony, delicious meals, and a lasting community.

Personal Astrology Reading

At the exact time of your birth, the planetary alignment tells us a story about who you are and who you are destined to become. By becoming conscious of your birth chart, a reading can be an enlightening and healing experience. Often, the patterns in our charts can help us better understand circumstances around dis-ease and ways to start moving forward. An hour reading includes the beginning of self-awareness through your natal chart, the cycles you are currently in, and the year ahead.