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Best Kids is a great time to begin a child’s gymnastics education or to continue from the foundation developed in Best Little Tots. This 45 minute class for boys and girls ages 3 and 4 is divided into two levels with a 6:1 student to teacher ratio. Many students will experience instruction from an adult other than Mom or Dad for the very first time in Best Kids. The discipline, social interaction with other children, and the fun and safe physical activity are a must for this stage of a child’s development.


Students will learn the basics of body positioning and movement in a fun-filled warm-up activity time. Introductory gymnastics skills are taught in a large tumbling circuit on the floor in order to keep the children moving at all times while learning safe, proper techniques. Proper muscle movement and memory development is the foundation for gymnastics and all athletic development. 

Students are introduced to low-level gymnastics apparatus at this level including a floor balance beam, a low bar, and low parallel bars. Upper body strength and balance will begin to develop with the skills acquired on this equipment. Large and fine motor skill development is also a focus in Best Kids. Students will enjoy and benefit from the safe and fun skills taught on the trampoline. These trampoline skills also develop air and body awareness as well as core leg strength. Every class ends with play time in our foam pit.  You can track your child’s progress as he or she moves through the program curriculum with weekly parent record reports sent home at the end of each class.

Students who complete level 2 will have the option to graduate to the Boys or Girls gymnastics program.

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