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Tumbling is a 60 minute class designed for boys and girls ages 5 years and older to learn basic through advanced tumbling skills and trampoline. Level 1 maintains a low 6:1 student to teacher ratio, an imperative in beginning tumbling classes. While many students enjoy all the gymnastics apparatus, some students prefer to focus only on their tumbling skills. Students can transfer from the gymnastics program to tumbling or may begin in tumbling and transfer to a gymnastics class.

Many students enhance their participation in cheerleading and dance related activities with a tumbling class. Pee-Wee through college level cheerleaders or ballet beginners to competitive level dancers will benefit from Best Tumbling.


Best Tumbling is divided into 2 levels. Level 1 is designed to teach students with no prior experience or minimal tumbling experience and will focus on rolls, handstand positioning, cartwheels, roundoffs, and back handsprings on the trampoline. Level 2 students focus on roundoff back handsprings on the floor and more advanced skills including back tucks, back layouts, and twisting.


Tumbling classes also incorporate body conditioning into each class. Our safe, step-by-step tumbling program is built on multi-level progressions and body awareness. Students who are strong and aware transform into successful and healthy athletes and adults.



If you want to learn to tumble like a pro for whatever sport you choose, Best Gymnastics is the place to go.  We don’t have sessions; our classes stay the same year round so you can begin at any time!

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