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Out of This World Party

How do you organize a space party? ... You planet! Join us on September 11th from 6:00pm – 10:00pm for our Out of This World Best Night Out. Your extraterrestrial will have a blast taking photos in our photo-booth, making slime, playing games, getting their face painted, and eating pizza while you enjoy a night to yourself. As always, kids can bring their hard-earned Best Bucks so they can buy items at the Prize Space Station.

At Best Gymnastics we know safety is important to our parents. Safety certified coaches closely supervise all of the events at Best Gymnastics. In addition, we also utilize a wristband system for added security at drop off and pick up.

The Out of this World Party is for ages 3 and up (potty-trained) and is $30 per child with a $5 sibling discount ($25 for VIP members). You can sign up using our Event Calendar, email us at , give us a call at 972-832-1059, or register in person at the front desk.


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