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Our Best Gymnastics Competitive Team is open to girls who have mastered our recreational curriculum. This program begins with a developmental team and requires invitation. Be sure to be in constant contact with your child’s recreational coach if Team is something that you are interested in! This will allow for the coach to focus on preparing your child for their competitive future. Best Team continues the gymnastics progression from the recreational program with a further emphasis on strength, technique, and conditioning.



Students will begin learning skill sequences developed from Level 1 skills to prepare for the more difficult task of gymnastics routine memorization. Best Team is a challenging, yet extremely fun, part of a gymnast’s evolution. With hard work, students soon master skills that once seemed impossible and the success that comes from these accomplishments is unmatched. The team experience is an amazing part of a young athlete’s life and will be remembered for a lifetime. Many students will develop life-long friendships.These competitive teams compete locally in the lower levels, then throughout the state as they progress to more advanced competition levels. Best Teams compete in both TAAF and USAG sanctioned events.



At Best Gymnastics we focus on the entire development of the student: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Competition is only one aspect of that development, but shares all three attributes. A healthy child, in all three areas, is our ultimate goal. Please call 972-874-8800 for more information about our Team programs.

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